Paola Curiel (maiden name Paola L. Guerra) originally from Lima, Peru studied at the Pontificia Catholic University of Peru during the years of 1996-2002. Paola graduated as a Lawyer of this prestigious University in 2003.

Paola’s legal training and knowledge began in the Superior Court of Justice in Lima, Peru where she primarily focused on Civil Rights. She also worked at the Association of Consumers and Users of Peru (ASPEC). After which she completed her professional work in the prestigious Law Firm Muñiz, Ramirez, Perez Taiman & Luna Victoria Attorneys in which she specialized in Labor Law. Prior to migrating to the United States, Paola worked for Austral Group where she managed over 300 pending lawsuits for this fishing company.

Following this fundamental training, Paola immigrated to the United States, became a Permanent Resident, and studied an HR&Block course in Miami Dade College. She became certified in the International Paralegal Institute and became a Notary Public in the state of Florida. Today Paola excels in the Corporate and Tax area of Pagio’s & Associates, LLC offering consultations to Latin American professionals and business owners that live in Miami, Fl. the perfect place to open or expand successful businesses.

“I came to this country to have more than the title of an attorney, I had a hard time leaving the comfort of Lima to come to the United States and start over in trades that had nothing to do with my profession, but I did it because I had the dream of someday having what is now Pagio’s & Associates, LLC. Today I am so proud of what we have achieved. I look back and remember every situation that has happened and know that God had reserved this for me. “